Family Law

In the field of family law, which primarily stipulates the rights and duties of individuals in relationships between parents, children and other members of the family, our law office provides legal advisory services within divorce cases, during the definition of the rights and duties related to minor children, in all types of cases regarding child support and in the execution of decisions in cases involving minor children and in cases to determine paternity

Our law firm's services in the field of family law are primarily composed of:
  • Complete legal advisory services in family law matters;
  • Representation of our clients in divorce cases, the preparation of petitions to divorce and in communication with foster care authorities during the entire divorce process;
  • Legal representation in the preparation of petitions regarding child support matters (defining child support, increasing and decreasing child support or cancelling child support) as well as representation in matters involving the effective collection of current and past due child support in execution proceedings;
  • Representation of clients in matters defining rights to minor children and in cases regarding the custody and support for minor children;
  • Legal representation in the area of indivisible spousal property, the representation of clients before the courts to cancel such indivisible spousal property and subsequent settlement of such property on the basis of an agreement or a court decision;
  • Representation in matters regarding adoption pursuant to the Family Act;
  • The preparation of petitions to execute decisions on the custody of children including representation before the courts in matters to execute a decision on the custody of minor children and related communication with foster care and police authorities;
  • Legal representation in matters to determine paternity, in cases to exclude paternity and in cases to determine or exclude paternity;