Criminal Law

Our law firm provides complete legal advisory services and qualified legal representation in criminal law matters for both criminal defendants and victims. We represent clients through the entire preliminary process before criminal law authorities and in court trials.

Our law firm's services within criminal law matters are primarily composed of:
  • Complex legal advisory services within criminal law matters;
  • Preparation of criminal complaints, complaints against decisions of criminal law authorities and the courts and the preparation of petitions for both plaintiffs and defendants to present evidence in preliminary processes,
  • Preparation of all types of written submissions pursuant to the Criminal Code, including requests for clemency, requests to issue certification decisions, etc.;
  • Complete preparation of defence arguments and the gathering and submission of evidence and witness testimony for the defence's arguments;
  • Participation and defendant representation in all parts of an investigation within the preliminary process as well as representation of the defendant in all phases of a court trial;
  • Representation of the plaintiff in the preliminary process and in the application of their procedural rights, claims to damage compensation in a related case as well as plaintiff representation before authorities active in a criminal case and trial;
  • Representation of the plaintiff within the application of their claims to personal compensation and compensation for victims of violent crimes;
  • Representation of the plaintiff in civil law cases regarding compensation for damages and non-property damages caused by a crime;