Commercial Law

Our law firm provides complete commercial law services to clients including advisory services and legal representation related to the rights of commercial companies as well as in commercial law disputes and in the bankruptcy and restructuring processes as well as in the protection of clients against unfair competitive practices.

Our law firm's legal services in the field of commercial law are primarily focused on:
  • Establishing all types of commercial entities and on executing changes to details recorded in the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic as well as the preparation and completion of all related types of documentation;
  • Winding up commercial companies and associations with liquidation or without liquidation including representation within bankruptcy and restructuring processes, including personal bankruptcy matters for individuals;
  • Preparation and legal due diligence for all types of commercial law contracts and petitions pursuant to the Commercial Code, including assurance of our client's full commercial law agenda;
  • Completion, assessment and execution of changes to partnership agreements, establishment deeds, articles of association and other corporate affairs;
  • Securing the transfer of a partner's participation interest in a limited liability company;
  • Specialized representation for legal entities within effective protection against unfair competitive practices by a competitor and in all court and other related matters;
  • Legal advisory services related to securities;
  • Complete legal advisory services related to receivables and their collection as well as the initialization and representation within execution cases;
  • Client representation within all types of commercial law disputes;
  • Securing Slovak Commercial Register and Trade License Register excerpts for business entities.