Civil Law

Our law firm provides complete services with regards to civil law issues in the form of consulting for our clients in all areas of civil law matters and intellectual property rights. We represent our clients in out-of-court dispute resolution and in court cases for disputes and non-dispute related cases as well as in estate and execution matters

In terms of obligation law, we provide a complete contractual agenda for clients including alienation contracts and transferring ownership in tangible and intangible properly, securing obligations, and rental matters and in all other types of contracts pursuant to the Civil Code. We place particular emphasis on disputes and matters related to damage compensation and on effective representation of clients within court disputes and in collecting receivables.

Our law firm's legal services in the field of civil law are primarily focused on:
  • Representing clients within court and out-of-court cases and in all types of civil disputes and non-dispute related cases;
  • Collecting receivables including the preparation of lawsuits, representation in front of courts and subsequent initialization of and representation within execution cases;
  • Specialized representation of clients within all types of cases involving damage compensation and in cases involving unlawful embezzlement;
  • A wide range of legal advisory and legal assistance services within out-of-court dispute resolution;
  • Preparation and legal due diligence of all types of contracts pursuant to the Civil Code (gift contracts, purchase agreements, contracts on future purchase agreements, works contracts, rental agreements, credit agreements, etc.);
  • Preparation and legal due diligence of contracts to transfer ownership of real estate, completion of contracts for construction and additions to residential buildings including complete representation in cadastral matters including cooperation with external experts, architects and surveyors;
  • Legal advisory services in the field of securing obligations and establishing liens on tangible property and real estate;
  • Representation of clients in estate matters, including disputes to define the invalidity of estate decrees;
  • Legal advisory services and qualified representation in matters involving disputes between neighbours and consumer matters;
  • Legal advisory services and representation in disputes involving the protection of ownership and identity theft;
  • Representation in execution cases including initializing execution cases;
  • Complete representation in the field of intellectual property rights including matters involving protected trademarks and rights exercised by artists, representation in disputes related to the breach of rights to protected trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property rights.
We cooperate with an executor's office in the process of collecting on receivables and rights related to the performance of execution orders and this close cooperation is why we have successfully collected on up to 83% of all collected receivables on behalf of our clients.

We regularly consult with and inform our clients during the entire execution process on the status of their receivables and the next steps to be taken in order to bring about a successful recovery of financial and non-financial receivables.