Administrative Law

Our law firm provides its clients with qualified legal advisory services and legal representation in public administrative law matters and in administrative law matters between administrative authorities and natural and legal entities. We represent our clients in all administrative matters, in particular within civil offense cases, in cadastral matters, in matters conducted before tax and customs offices and in cases before the courts dealing with administrative law.

Our law firm's legal services provided in the area of administrative law are primarily concerned with:
  • Preparing all types of petitions pursuant to the Administrative Code and the Act on Civil Offences;
  • Representation for those accused of committing offences and the injured parties within all such matters and in representation before administrative authorities in cases dealing with administrative offences;
  • Specialized legal representation within negotiations with police authorities concerning civil offences, including qualified representation in civil offence matters related to the safety and smooth operations of roadway traffic pursuant to the Roadway Act, as well as toll-related civil offences;
  • The search, assurance and presentation of evidence within administrative cases pursuant to the Administrative Code, notwithstanding cooperation with experts and professionals from various fields and sectors;
  • Involvement and representation of clients in civil offence cases involving public authorities;
  • Preparation of suggestions and representation of clients before prosecutors in matters regarding inaction or incorrect procedure applied by public authorities;
  • Legal representation of clients before the courts in administrative law matters (lawsuits against decisions and procedures used by administrative authorities, appeals processes against administrative authority decisions, actions taken against the inaction of administrative authorities and protection against the unlawful interference of public authorities) as well as in cases involving damage compensation against public authorities;
  • Legal representation of clients in land use and construction proceedings and the completion of legal briefs and petitions pursuant to the Construction Act;