Compensation for our lawyers is agreed upon in an agreement between lawyer and client (contractual compensation); if no such agreement is reached on specific compensation, the provisions regarding tariff compensation pursuant to Section 9 to 14 of Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic Decree No. 655/2004 Coll. on Legal Counsel Compensation for Rendered Legal Services (hereinafter only "Decree").

Contractual compensation can be defined as follows (Section 2 (2) of the Decree):
  • Hourly compensation – based on the number of hours specifically spent on resolving the given matter,
  • Lump-sum compensation – can be agreed for legal services rendered over a specific time period or for an undefined period of time until the complete resolution of a specific matter or set of matters,
  • Shared compensation – may be agreed in the form of a share in the value of the matter that is the subject of a case conducted in front of a court or other authority. The maximum amount of such shared compensation cannot exceed 20% of the full value of the case itself.
  • Tariff compensation – may be agreed in an amount that differs from the basic tariff compensation rate defined in the Decree.
Methods for defining the contractual compensation can be combined. 

The basic tariff compensation rate is defined pursuant to the tariff value for the case or cases or the law itself and pursuant to the number of legal services actions that the lawyer has made within the specific matter.